Review of O’Keeffes Healthy Creme – get rid of dry feet

If you need to walk all day and your legs get tired and hurt, then they need good and proper care. The skin of the feet dries quickly and if it does not get enough moisture, there are cracks and wounds. This causes discomfort, pain and can lead to the penetration of infections and bacteria. Coarse calluses and deep cracks require urgent treatment, because you risk getting more serious problems in the future. If you take care of your feet regularly, you can heal wounds, make the skin soft and get rid of discomfort. The main thing is to choose the right and effective cream that will help you to moisturize and nourish the skin.

Description of O’Keeffes Healthy Creme

O'Keeffe's Healthy Feet Foot Cream in Jar

The O’Keefes Foot Cream contains glycerine in its composition, so it retains moisture on the skin of the feet, aligns and nourishes it all day. This excellent foot cream has another nutritional component — allantoin, which penetrates into the cracks and thick skin of the heels and soles quickly and effectively. This cream has gone through a lot of research, it is recommended for people with diabetes, because the cream does not cause allergies. You will be able to see the result after several days of using this effective cream. The result is gentle and smooth skin of the feet without irritation, redness and cracks.

Active ingredients of O’Keeffes Healthy Creme

This cream contains glycerin and allantoin to penetrate into rough and rough skin and provide it with the necessary moisture level quickly. Other active ingredients are included in this best cream — Stearic Acid, Ammonium Borate and Diazolidinyl Urea. Creamy texture and natural ingredients O’Keefes Healthy Feet cream can help even to the coarsest skin with calluses. Even the driest skin could be actively protected with this wonderful cream.

The effect of this cream

If you use this cream regularly, you will see a positive result in a few days. The cream has no smell and quickly penetrates the skin of the foot. Take a shower and apply the cream on the driest parts of the foot, rub the cream with circular movements. If you want to get the best and fast result, then clean the skin of dead particles before applying the cream. O’Keefes Foot Cream is very economical and it can be called one of the most effective among many competitors.

The result of Using O’Keefes Healthy Creme

This amazing product is very effective for smoothing dry and cracked skin of heels and soles. Patients with diabetes can use this cream and not be afraid of an allergic reaction or irritation. Concentrated formula moisturizes the skin, normalizes the PH level and gives it the necessary moisture. The cream is very quickly absorbed and does not leave an oily print, so you can apply it quickly and then go to work.

Drawback of O’Keefes Healthy Foot Cream

This product has no side effects and it has no significant disadvantages.

Reviews from users of O’Keefes Foot Cream

This cosmetic product is very useful for those who walk a lot during the day. Many users are happy with the result, because they see changes in their foot skin. Roughness and dryness decreases and their feet become smooth and tender. O’Keefes Foot Cream is suitable for those who have very rough skin and strong calluses.

Who could use this unique cream?

This amazing cream is created for those who have difficult problems with very dry and cracking skin of heels and soles. If you use O’Keefes Healthy Feet Foot Cream every day, you will be able to see the effectiveness and smoothing of the driest parts of the foot. This quick effective function distinguishes this cream from others, where you need to wait for a result of one to two weeks.

Side effects

A very nice tube with a nice color – you can let your children play with it. Do not allow children to open the cream and keep in a dry save place. If the cream accidentally got in your eyes, then you should visit a doctor.

Where to buy?

There are many different creams for moisturizing and strengthening the skin of the feet in the modern cosmetic products market. Each of them can be called good and effective, but is it so? The demand for such creams is very high, because many people have serious problems with coarse calluses on the heels. Feet health is very important, so you need to choose the right cream from a large selection. The best way to moisturize the skin is glycerol, which gives the skin the necessary moisturizing.


This unique cream completely corresponds to its cost, thanks to the high activity of its components. This is the best choice for those who want to moisturize the skin of the feet, smooth out hard and coarse heels. You need to wash your feet and apply O’Keefes Healthy Feet Foot Cream, you will see a positive result in a few days. The effectiveness of this cream is confirmed by leading experts, so this product is suitable for diabetics and people with sensitive skin of feet. You will forever forget about peeling and rough skin if you will use this cream every day. The product has many natural ingredients and petroleum jelly, which miraculously replenishes the skin with the necessary moisture level. Positive feedback from grateful customers is the success and the result of an active and amazing action of this product.

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