Review of Neutrogena Norwegian formula cream – forget about dry rough feet

Discomfort and leg pain can appear in your daily life due to problems with your legs. Dry and rough feet should not make you uncomfortable, because there are a lot of good and effective creams. These creams have natural ingredients in the composition, so they quickly penetrate the skin, soak up and smooth it. It is very difficult to find a suitable cream, especially if you have sensitive skin of the feet. The company Neutrogena sounds familiar because it produces quality cosmetic products for body care. If you do not know how effective the foot cream from this brand will be, we have prepared a detailed review. Here we will talk about the natural components of the cream, about its active ingredients and a good result.

Description of Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Cream

Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Foot Cream for Dry Rough FeetNeutrogena Norwegian Foot Cream will help to get rid of strong calluses and rough skin of heels and soles. Daily use of this wonderful cream provides moisturizing of the skin, so it will help you to smooth and moisten the rough and stiff skin on the heels. If you use the cream every day, then dry skin will not return to you again. This brand from Norway is tested on dry feet in the cold climatic conditions of that region, so it provides maximum hydration. Glycerin in its composition is the most active weapon for combating dry skin.

Active Ingredients of Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Cream

As is known, glycerin helps to moisten even the most dry and cracked skin, especially in the heels and soles. This cream has a concentrated formula with glycerin, so it is effective for moisturizing and increasing the elasticity of the feet.

Amino acid of keratin is part of this amazing cream; this component is the best way to maximize skin hydration during the all day. It restores the moisture level and provides the necessary protection and hydration.

Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Cream has tocopheryl, allantoin and menthol to make your skin healthy, shining and smooth.

The effect of this cream

When your hands dry up, then you use the cream to moisten them. But if your feet dry up, you do not pay much attention to it, ignoring this problem. But you should carefully monitor the condition and health of your feet, because they need good and proper care too. This cream from the Norwegian brand is best used at night before going to bed; you will see the result in the morning. It is recommended to use the cream in the evening so that you can wake up with fresh and moistened feet. You should take care of the health of your feet every day; they also need moisturizing, nourishing and strengthening. If you want to have healthy strong nails and tender skin on the heels and soles, then Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Cream is created for you.

The result of Using Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Cream

Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Cream has many advantages, unlike its competitors in the cosmetic products market. It calms the irritated skin of the feet, gives it freshness and moisturizes it during the day. If you have rough and flaky heels, then you need to use this cream every day. It will help to heal cracks and scratches that have appeared due to excessive dryness of the skin. Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Cream helps to restore the coarsest skin where corns are formed.

Drawback of Neutrogena Foot Cream

This company produces high-quality cosmetic products, so it has the appropriate price. You buy a foot cream from Neutrogena and the company gives you a guarantee for an excellent and effective result. The price for a cream completely corresponds to its quality and active action, thanks to natural components.

Reviews from users of Neutrogena Norwegian Foot Cream

Some users found uncomfortable oily consistency of cream, but nourishing and moisturizing ingredients provide such an effect. Other users are satisfied with the effective properties of this cream, it helped them to moisten and strengthen the coarsest skin on the heels. You can buy cream in an online store, pre-having issued and paid for shipping.

Who could use this unique cream?

This cream helps moisturize dry skin, but it also keeps the rough skin healthy and supple. If you want to return your feet freshness, tenderness and smoothness, then this cream is an excellent choice for you. Experts recommend this cosmetic product for people with very rough skin of heels and soles, where there are cracks and open wounds. But the cream can be used to treat and prevent dry skin. If you have no problems with dry feet and your heels are tender and not rough, then you should use this cream to maintain the health of your feet.

Side effects

The cream should be stored in a dry place. Keep this cosmetic product away from children. Neutrogena Norwegian Foot Cream is only for the feet, if it gets on the eyes or mouth accidentally, then you need to seek medical help.

Where to buy?

This company is known for its effective cosmetics with an appropriate price. Neutrogena Norwegian Foot Cream has a high price because of the high quality of its natural and active ingredients. If you want to use a large amount of cream, then you could buy cheaper one. Here you will need only one tube to restore health and smoothness to your feet.


This cream is an excellent choice for people with a rough and coarse heels and soles. You can use it for prevention and additional moisturizing of the feet skin. Proper feet hygiene and the use of Neutrogena Norwegian Foot Cream would help you to get rid of leg problems forever.




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