Review of Gold Bond Softening Cream Count – get rid of the rough and coarse calluses forever

To take care of health and good condition of legs is not to choose a beautiful nail polish. Your feet need to be strengthened and the skin should be moisturized, especially the rough skin of the heels and soles. Soft and smooth skin can be by a special cream with natural extracts and natural ingredients. If you decide to choose a good foot cream, then urea, jojoba, macadamia oils and shea butter should be in its composition, because these active components penetrate deep inside the skin. We want to make review for an amazing cream – Gold Bond Softening Cream Count. It provides the best care for coarse and rough skin of heels and soles, and also provides good hydration, nourishment and strengthening of the nail plate.

Description of Gold Bond Softening Cream Count

Gold Bond Softening Foot CreamThis is a special foot cream that prevents the appearance of rough skin on the problem areas of the foot, such as heels and soles. This cream contains no harmful ingredients that irritate the skin, for example, menthol or peppermint. Gold Bond Softening Cream consists of a number of useful vitamins, strengthening and moisturizing the skin. Shea butter penetrates deep into the skin, tightening small wounds and scratches that could appear due to dry skin. This amazing cream has been tested several times by well-known dermatologists; the results were positive and effective. If your skin is sensitive, then you can use this cream because it does not cause an allergic reaction.

Active Ingredients of Gold Bond Softening Cream

Gold Bond is safe for any skin types, even for the most sensitive. There are only natural vegetable components and oils in its composition. There are also other active components that harness, nourish and smooth the skin of the feet:

  • Aloe leaf juice supplements the skin with the necessary moisture level. Apply the cream in the morning and your skin will be moistened all day.
  • Shea butter that with vitamins E, F, and A smoothes the cracked skin, filling damaged areas with essential vitamins and fatty acids.
  • Other ingredients – fragrance, the alcohol and colorant are also safe for the skin of the feet.

The effect of this cream

Dry skin of the feet, especially the heels and soles needs good care. This is not only about external state, but also about the internal health of the skin. If you do not have time to go to the doctor, then you need to take care of the condition of your feet at home. Gold Bond Softening Cream has moisturizing ingredients that fill cracks with useful vitamins, looking at the skin and nourishing it. It is important to remember that dry and rough skin can lead to cracks and the infection can penetrate there. Another problem is the pain experienced by a person with deep cracks. The cream helps to avoid these problems, it quickly penetrates the skin and leaves no oily traces, so you can wear shoes. Useful components of this environment lead to ensure a good and proper care to your feet throughout the day.

The result of Using Gold Bond Softening Cream

  • The cream covers the skin, providing it with the necessary moisture
  •  The cream has been tested by leading dermatologists, so it is safe for any skin type
  • People with sensitive skin prone to irritation may use this cream
  •  It does not contain oily components, so it does not irritate the skin of the feet
  •  The cream quickly absorbs, so you can use it before the working day
  •  The cream is suitable even for the coarsest skin and calluses
  •  The effect of the cream lasts almost 24 hours

The cream has one drawback

Many people concluded that the cream has a very creamy texture. They consider this a disadvantage, but the nutritional and moisturizing components in the composition of this cream give such effect.

Reviews from Users of Gold Bond Softening Cream

Most of the users were satisfied with the results from using of this wonderful cream. One user with toxic neuropathy was able to get rid of coarse calluses, he used the cream every day and his heels and sole became smooth. Nutrient components and plant extracts helped him soften the calluses, made the skin tender, without any allergy.

Who could use this unique cream?

This cosmetic product was made for people with very rough and dry skin, where there are corns and cracks. Apply a good layer of cream on your feet and the skin will be protected all day. If you want to heal the cracking skin of the heel, remove cracks and scratches, then this cream is designed for such function. The skin of the heels and soles will get the necessary level of moisture during 24 hours.

Side effects

The cream is intended for application to the skin of your feet. The cream should be kept away from children. If the cream accidentally gets into your eyes or into your mouth, you should immediately call to the doctor.

Where to buy?

You can find many similar cosmetic products in the modern market. There are natural ingredients there too that moisturize the skin well. But Gold Bond Softening Cream contains many useful oils and vitamins; it does not cause allergies and actively affects the dry and rough skin of the heels and soles. If you want to get great result from this cream then you can buy it in the online store of cosmetics.


The Gold Bond Softening Foot Cream has a dense consistency, like Vaseline, for better moisturizing and nourishing the rough and cracked skin of the feet. You can forget about calluses and cracks on the skin of your heels forever. The price of this cream completely corresponds to its high quality and efficiency. Many users think that the foot cream has a strong smell, so this product has no smell.






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