Pain in heels and how to get rid of it at home

Legs are the main working mechanism and you need to take care of them with special zeal. Incorrect and irregular care can lead to diseases, infections and fungi. If you feel pain in the heels, then you need to make a special emphasis. Most of the body weight goes on the heels when walking, so they hurt more often than other parts of the foot. Pain in the heels causes discomfort, especially if you need to walk a lot every day and you do not have the opportunity to sit down and give your feet a little time to rest. From a medical point of view, pain in the heels happens because of the plantar fasciitis in the feet or the Archilles tendinitis. In other words, the pain occurs when the heels get tired and swell. Edema of the heels is a common problem in adolescents. If you neglect this at an early age, then you may face to a serious problem. In some cases, the edema disappears and the condition of the heels returns to normal, and sometimes the edema becomes chronic and the person feels pain every day. This can not be called a serious disease with harm to health and body, swelling of the heels and pain can be cured. You need to follow a few simple steps to get rid of this bad problem. Below we will look at the most common methods to remove heel pain; it is very easy – you can do this at home.

Foot Pain and care of it

  1. Use ice for affected area.

If you will have any kind of pain or swelling with inflammation, then you could apply an ice pack. It is an effective way; hold a pack on the area about 5-10 minutes. It is better to put ice in a towel, not to freeze an affected area. If you already have an ice inside a pack, then you could use it without a towel.

  1. You can use medications to low the level of the pain.

There are a lot of different anti-pain medications, you can find cheaper or more expensive. But acetaminophen and ibuprofen are the most effective and they have low price. Take pills regularly and you will forget about the pain in your heels, but reed the instruction before use.

  1. Do not forget about stretching and exercises for your heels.

Exercises are very effective to get rid of the pain in your feet, because they stretch the plantar fascia. If you will do it regularly, then you will feel yourself much better. Do not do the exercises in the fast temp – it is better to do it slowly and carefully not to hurt the joints and not stretch the muscles. There are exercises for the legs, but exercises for the whole body will help to work out all the muscles and develop coordination and flexibility. We had prepared some effective exercises, which will help to destroy pain:

  • Wall Stretching – This exercise does not require much effort — stand near the wall and put your hands straight on the wall at the level of your shoulders. The legs should be exactly along the wall, but one leg a little bit forward so that you feel comfortable. After that, you need slowly lower your body down, keep your balance. You do not have to sit down completely, because you can stretch the muscles. When you feel tension in the back of your thighs, you can lift the body to its original position. It is necessary to do this exercise twice a day.
  • Stair stretching: Stretching near the wall is very useful and effective, but there is another great exercise. It improves stability, balance and helps to remove pain in the heels. Stand on the steps and look up the stairs. It is best to use the railing to make it easier for you. Then lift the heels and bend your knees, fix your body in this position for 30-40 seconds. If you do this for the first time, then it will be difficult for you, because all the muscles in your legs tend to strain and your heels relax. It is very useful to perform this exercise 2 times a day, if you have enough time for it.
  • Towel stretching: This simple exercise is done with the usual towel. Choose a towel of medium or long length, not short. In the morning, when you are just awake, wrap the towel around your leg and hold it with both hands. Press your foot until it becomes straight. Repeat this exercise with another leg. The effectiveness of this action is due to work of the muscles of the legs and it relaxes the heels. If you do this every morning, then pain in your heels will not bother you.
  • Chair Stretches: This exercise will result if you do it faithfully and regularly. Sit on a chair, your knees are sunk at a 90-degree angle. Push the heels together; the toes look in opposite directions. Then you need slowly to raise the socks, the heels should stand on the floor. This exercise well stretches the muscles of the shins and removes tension from the heels. If it is convenient for you and you feel how the muscles are stretching, then you have done everything correctly and the result will not take long. This exercise should be done 10 times, but start with 5-6 times every day.
  1. If it possible give your heels some rest.

Every day you have to walk a lot, then your heels and legs need rest. If you have the opportunity, allocate one day and try to walk less, to remove the load from the heels. One day or half a day – your feet will be grateful to you! To make you comfortable walking, you can purchase comfortable insoles with relief so that the foot would be in the correct position.

  1. Try not to walk on uneven surfaces.

If you like a lot of walking or traveling then try not to go there where there is a crooked road. Stones or pits create additional pressure on the heels, you will feel pain. If there is pain in the legs, then such a walk will not help but harm.

  1. Choose comfortable shoes.

You need to know the opinion of a specialist to choose the right shoes. Most people choose shoes for convenience and beauty, but then they have troubles with their legs. If you want to buy shoes yourself, then do not buy shoes with a flat sole – it will not give good support for your heel. We can say that women are luckier than men, because they wear shoes with heels. Such shoes reduce pressure on the heels, but do not solve the problem with heels completely. Experts do not recommend the long use of such shoes and advise daily procedures for foot care.

If you have pain in your heels, then consult with your doctor. But these useful advices will help you to reduce pain. You will see and feel relief after a couple of days.

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