Legs are an indicator of a person’s health

You can easily understand the state of your health if you carefully examine your legs. Maybe many people do not know that human health is reflected on the legs. Each leg has 33 joints, 100 tendons, ligaments, muscles and a variety of nerves and blood vessels. These vessels are connected with the spine, heart and brain, so if a person has problems in the body, they are reflected in the state of the legs. Examine your feet to realize how it is important to care for their condition and health.

Health of your feet

If you do not take care of your feet correctly, this can lead to a number of serious problems. Pain in the legs, muscle pain, writhing, or discomfort when walking are the main causes of leg problems, but there are external problems such as calluses, dry skin, irritation, itching or cracks on the heels and soles. Excess weight increases the load on the legs and can lead to the bone destruction.

The condition and health of your feet is a signal to changes in the body

Dry scaly skin of the feet

Dry skin of the legs can talk about problems with the thyroid gland, but in some cases, additional moisturizing helps to solve this problem. If the problem is with the glands, then the body lacks some hormones that control blood pressure, tissue growth, metabolism and the work of the nervous system. If the dryness on the feet continues, this can lead to cracks, so dry the skin of the feet should be moistened regularly. Thyroid problems can show not only dry feet but also fragile nails.

Dry feet can lead to many different problems. If you have flaky legs that crack then you can gain weight, eyesight changes and hands grow numb. If you feel these symptoms then you need to visit a doctor and get specialized medical help.

Bald Toes

Hair can disappear on the legs, this shows poor blood circulation. To improve blood circulation you need to take care of the health of your vascular system. Hair can fade, become thin, fingers on legs turn pale. Vascular problems are most often caused by peripheral arterial disease or PAD. You need to consult a doctor and undergo proper treatment and you will notice visible results.

Foot Ulcers that Do Not Heal

This problem can appear because of diabetes. The level of glucose in the blood can not be controlled and this leads to poor blood circulation and can disrupt the nervous system that leads to the legs. If blood does not flow to the legs, minor scratches and wounds can not heal at a normal pace. Symptoms of diabetes can make themselves different, through the tingling or numbness of the feet.

Painful Big Toe

There is a kind of arthritis with pain, which usually happens on the big toe. This is a sign of gout that arises from the high level of the purine enzyme. This enzyme people get through eating red meat, fish or drinking alcohol. These foods increase the normal level of uric acid in the body and this leads to leg problems.

Tiny Red Lines in the Toenail

Red stripes can be under the toenails; this is a sign that you have heart infection. These red lines have blood clots that have destroyed small capillaries under the fingernails. Most often, endocarditic manifests itself in this way. This disease is not terrible, but it needs to be treated otherwise you risk getting heart failure. If you did not have injuries and bruises on your legs, but you found there red blood lines, then you need to go to the doctor immediately. The doctor should carefully check your blood circulation and cardiovascular system.


Poor and inadequate nutrition, problems with the nervous system or blood circulation can cause cramps in the legs. If you are doing sports then drink the right amount of water, because severe dehydration can cause seizures. To reduce cramps or seizures your body needs potassium, magnesium and calcium. A warm foot bath also helps to get rid of this.

Clubbed fingers

Thick phalanges of the finger may manifest due to heart disease or lung cancer. The signs of these diseases usually begin with the legs, and then other symptoms appear. Heart failure and lung cancer reduce vascular resistance, this increases the flow of blood to small vessels and the disease shows itself through the toes. The phalanx of the finger becomes larger and wider than the base of the finger.

Spoon-shaped indentations in the nails of toes

This problem signals that you have anemia. Nails have a concave shape, a non-existent shape and a pale color. The body does not have a sufficient level of hemoglobin, where there is an iron-rich protein for oxygen transfer. Menstrual period or internal bleeding can cause anemia. Use foods supplements and eat them with food every day, this will help solve the problem.

Pitted Toenails

Psoriasis can manifest through the presence of knuckle on the legs. Bones can appear on the nails, lateral knuckle; they can be small or deep. They affect the joints, this is called psoriatic arthritis. The nails begin to shift, and if the knuckle appears on the lateral bone, the leg starts to move to the side. Knuckle becomes red, dry or sore. Psoriasis or arthritis should be treated with the proper advice of a doctor.

Color of Toes changes

Raynaud’s disease is shown through such a symptom. The limbs turn white and then they turn blue or blush and then return to normal color. The reason is the reaction of the vessels, which can react to changes in the body or surrounding factors sharply. This condition does not look beautiful, but this disease is not serious. You need a doctor’s consultation so that he can determine the cause of this disease. The best treatment is a non-drug for the limbs; it helps to reverse the attacks of vasospasm.

If you know about the causes of these symptoms, then you can prevent many diseases. Proper treatment will help you to get rid of the pain or discomfort and avoid its appearance in the future. Do not ignore the problem with your legs; your legs and your feet are your body. You do not need to have a medical education to see noticeable leg problems. These problems will tell you that your body needs urgent treatment.

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