Food affects the health of your feet

The food you eat can lead to pain in the feet. This is a recent scientific fact that shocked many people. An unhealthy diet with fatty and high-calorie food leads to a rupture of nerves and poor blood circulation, which causes pain.

Good foods for you foot

If you have diabetes, then a high sugar level also leads to pain. A high level of uric acid in food can lead to gout, pain in the legs and even inflammation.

If you want to have healthy and painless feet, then you need to avoid fatty foods, foods with high level of sugar, colorants or dyes. Eat natural dairy products, vegetables, fruits, fish or lean meat.

How Food lead to Foot Pain

If the food contains harmful ingredients, then the inflammation appears on the feet. You can feel pain in the tissues on the heel, sole or lateral part of the foot, it is plantar fasciitis. This disease appears due to inflammation of the tissues, which is caused by the increase of chemicals in your body.


Many non-natural products cause health problems, because they have sugar, trans-fats and dyes in the composition. These are baked goods, peeled grains, some types of oil or red meat.

People can be allergic to many foods and this increases the risk of getting health and feet problems. Allergy leads to inflammation and pain, so everyone should be aware of his intolerance to certain foods. A high level of sugar is very dangerous, although we like to eat pasta, flour products, sweets and pastries.


Diabetes and peripheral artery disease are the two main causes of the feet pain, because these diseases affect the body weight of a person. Big weight damages the arteries that lead to your limbs and this can lead to inflammation or numbness.

Good and proper nutrition helps to protect your body. Choose food with fruits, vegetables, herbs and dairy products, which has many useful ingredients and vitamins. You should include fish in your diet so that your body gets the right amino acids and healthy fats like omega-3.

People with diabetes should have a special menu with natural products. You can protect your legs and your body from harmful factors if you eat beans, lean meat, vegetables, fruits and whole grains. Of course you will want sweetie, because your organism needs glucose. For this, many companies produce sweets for a diabetic with low sugar levels.


Gout is another disease that causes pain in the feet. This happens when the level of uric acid rises in the body and joints become inflamed. Most often gout is seen on the thumb, but it can affect feet or hands. The pain will attack you for several weeks or months if you do not resort to the necessary treatment. The foods that you eat affect this inflammation in the first place, so it is important to monitor your diet.

Meat and seafood have purines that affect the level of uric acid. If you can not refuse these products, then limit the amount of their consumption. You can eat salmon or scallops, but rarely. If you have gout, then tuna, anchovies and herring are not for you.

Some seafood is relatively safe for gout, for example crabs, lobsters, shrimp or acne. It is worth knowing that beer raises the level of uric acid and it is forbidden for gout. If you want to relax and relax, then experts advise to replace the beer with a glass of wine.

Foods that Help to Remove Foot Pain

If you are hesitant to take the first step to changing your diet, then do it gradually. You must decide what you want – healthy feet without pain or delicious favorite food.

What you eat can be useful to a certain extent, but you need to exclude some products that lead to pain. We consider 10 the most useful products that contain components that help you to get rid of the pain.

Whole Grains

This food is rich in fiber and magnesium, which give you a feeling of satiety. If you are full, then you eat lesser products. This happens during a break at work, when you do not have time for normal food and you eat chips or cookies.


Ginger is an excellent product for getting rid of pain. It properties are similar to the properties of Ibuprofen. Ginger consists of paradols, gingerols, zingerone and shogaols. These are active components that reduce pain. You can eat ginger finely chopping it or drinking ginger tea.


Tumeric refers to ginger, it perfectly removes pain. You can find it in the form of a powder and add it to food, for example a salad.

Olive oil

Olive oil is called elixir or liquid gold to fight pain, because it contains polyphenols. You can use olive oil for cooking or add it to salads.

Salmon and Mackerel

Mackerel and salmon have healthy fats omega-3, which help to fight the pain. Mackerel has a good level of omega-3, but it is not very useful for people with uric acid problems. You can consume these types of fish in a moderate amount to get the necessary supply of useful fatty acids.


Almonds and walnuts have useful antioxidants and omega-3. You can eat nuts for an afternoon snack or grind them and add them to a salad.


This fruit is very useful, because it contains a large supply of vitamin C. There are real proofs of scientists that vitamin C can reduce pain.


The leaves of argula, spinach and fenufreek are rich in iron and vitamin K. This will allow you to remove pain and maintain the health of your organism and joints. You can eat any greens that are available to you.

Adults with a good level of vitamin K have osteoarthritis less than others with the lack of this vitamin. Vitmain K promotes blood clotting, so you need to consult a doctor before using the products with this ingredient.


Cheese and yogurt are related to dietary products and they help to alleviate the pain. These foods contain calcium and vitamin D, which help strengthen bones and remove chronic pain.

Glass of Wine

Grapes, grape juice or wine have resveratrol, which is an excellent analgesic. A glass of wine a day and you can forget about the pain in your feet. If you do not have the opportunity to drink a glass of wine, then drink grape juice or eat red grapes.

There are many healthy products that will give your body vitamins and useful ingredients. But there are other useful products that will help you to ease the pain in the feet, because they have active components. We hope that this article will help you to prevent or reduce pain and you can enjoy life by eating healthy food.

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