Dr. Samer Jaber Scholarship

Scholarship Awards

Foot Cream Center is a convenient and integrated avenue for the future of many people. This can be called a manual or instruction. You use your legs every day and you should avoid a lot of different problems.
In Foot Cream Center we understand the importance and value of education in college, but we know how many problems modern youth has. First of all, these are financial difficulties in the family. We understand and appreciate that many people would not have received a good profession if they had not received an education. Many students are waiting for the support of others, it’s good because they want to realize their dreams in any way and are looking for a variety of options. Foot Cream Center is very happy to help students; Dr. Samer Jaber offers 1000 dollars. This scholarship can help students to attend college or university for 2017-2018 academic years.

Who We Are Looking For

We can help students from college or university. Schoolchildren of undergraduate classes or students under the age of 18 must obtain permission from parents or guardians to count on our help.

To get our support you need to have a good health condition. If you are a very energetic and charismatic person who can put his enthusiasm first, then you are the student that we are looking for!

What You Need To Do

We need a small text from you — 500-2000 words about

Totally Natural Foot Care In Today’s Busy Times

The text should have practical advice that will be useful to most people. You can write this out of your experience; it will add realism.

What we’re looking for

  • Interesting and original ideas
  • Will they be useful for readers?
  • A huge plus is creative thinking and expression!

What is the Benefit?

  • The winner will receive 500 dollars!
  • This award will be sent to the Financial Office of school, college or university.
  • We will inform the winner of the results of the selection, when we check his work on the aforementioned factors.

Submitting Your Content

The text must be sent by adding this necessary information:

  1. Personal data.
  2. Name of school, college or university.
  3. Direction of study.
  4. Document which confirms that you are a student.
  5. Your email address that relates to your institution (if it is possible).

You can fill out a special form for participating in this program or send it to us directly: scholarship@bestfootcream.net
Texts and information should be sent before 12 December. We will choose the winner and let him know about the victory on December 20. The scholarship will be sent to the winner before December 25.

Terms and Conditions

We warn that we receive your article and all rights to it. We can use its contents at our discretion, for promotion or in marketing. Our goal is to help students in their study, to give the opportunity to strive for new knowledge and skills. We believe that knowledge is power and we want to give students the opportunity to get it.

Previous Winners

2016: Alex Veselov — from Poland Vroclav University (the award — $1.000)