Correct using socks for taking care of your feet

All kinds of socks are very important for your feet, because this piece of clothing protects them from cuts, scratches and sweat. We do not always pay important attention to the choice of socks. This element of clothing is important for the comfort of your feet, help to prevent certain diseases and remove discomfort. Problems with feet are not just a rash, irritation or smelly feet, but also worse diseases – allergies, an athlete’s foot or an ingrown nail. You did not think about the fact that all this can be caused by dirty and wet socks? Perhaps people can wear each other’s shoes, for example, in the same family. But it is worth to remember that socks should be individual and always dry and clean. If you feel itching in your feet, then this is the first sign that socks need to be washed or changed. Allergies can occur not because of dirty socks, but because of the chemical properties that got into the material while it was being produced. Sensitive feet react to these chemical properties and occur to an allergic reaction, which can affect the condition and health of the whole body. In this article, we’ll look at how to properly choose socks, so that they provide your feet with comfort and safety. Let’s find out why we need to choose the right socks and why socks are needed for our feet?

Correct using socks for taking care of your feet

  1. You need to use socks made from natural materials, because they do not cause an allergic reaction. Socks with elastic qualities lead to allergies and the appearance of different diseases. If the socks are made of harmful components, then on the skin of the feet could be rash, irritation, inflammation or dermatitis. Legs can swell or itch, such socks are not suitable for use.
  2. The good and correct qualities of socks are very important, but you need to change socks every day. If you walk a lot, your legs do not get enough air and begin to sweat. Clean socks will help to avoid infections, irritation and rashes. Your feet will be comfortable and convenient in clean socks, so do not be lazy to change socks for another one.
  3. Well-made and well-designed socks will help to avoid many infections and diseases. If you have any problems with your legs, then you should pay special attention to the choice of socks. This will be good not only for the health of your feet, but for the whole body.
  4. If you wear socks, then you can avoid scratches and wounds. Socks made of dense material will give good protection for your feet during the day.
  5. Buy good socks and your feet will be dry, cool and comfortable. This is very important if you need to walk a lot. You can do your daily business with comfort and ease; you will not feel pain, itching or discomfort in the evenings.

There are many types of socks for different needs. You can choose a pair of socks with special components and for people with different diseases in the market. Let’s look at all kinds of socks in detail:

Walking socks

The main advantage of such socks is an excellent cushioning of the foot when walking. Most often people who are engaged in fitness use such socks, because it is very comfortable for their feet.

Running socks

These socks differ from previous by subtlety of paddings, because sports people want to wear more comfortable shoes and thick socks will cause discomfort.

Athletic socks

These socks also refer to professional and sports. Most often, they have a white color and a small emblem of the manufacturer or nothing, its feature is minimal overall bulk.

Casual socks

This kind of socks is very useful for long walking, because they are very comfortable and thin. You can wear these socks with any shoes; it is made from merino wool.

Lightweight hiking socks

Very comfortable socks are for those who travel a lot and have a large foot size. These socks retain moisture on the skin and provide the necessary cushioning, distributing the weight of the body on the heel and toes. Most often, the models of such socks are very thin, so you can put on the others, warmer.

Mountaineering socks

Probably, this model of socks was created especially for climbers and those who are actively involved in complicated kinds of sports. Such people need special protection for their feet, so mountaineering socks will be an excellent choice. These socks have a thick and dense structure of the insole to protect your feet while challenging hard adventure.

Ski and snowboard socks

Socks are designed for winter sports, because they have a soft shin. They are very warm and will provide you with safety and comfort. Leg’s pressure is distributed over the entire foot, so you can practice snowboarding all day.

Midweight backpacking socks

An excellent choice for travelers with small foot sizes. A good shape and a dense insole distribute the pressure of the body when walking.

We offer you some useful tips to choose the right and comfortable socks:

  1. When you choose socks, do not rush to buy them. Look at their size, feel the comfort. If everything is in order and the socks are conveniently on the foot, then they suit you.
  2. If you choose special socks for sport, then you need to check that they were made for the sportsmen.
  3. When you choose socks, then you need to pay attention to the thread. If the thread is dense, the socks are made to retain moisture on the foot for long time.
  4. It is necessary to look at the insole; it must be dense to protect the heel and fingers.
  5. It is important that the socks have support of the foot so that the body pressure was correctly distributed and does not deform the shape of the foot.
  6. It is important to check the size of socks so that they are not rubbed together with the shoes. If the socks are larger or smaller, you would risk getting corns or blisters. Too tight and small socks will rub where there are seams and too large socks are compressed and form friction — corns. This is especially important for athletes, because they create a lot of pressure on their legs.

Such advice and recommendations may seem tedious to many people. But we have to take care of our feet, so we start to do it with the choice of good and comfortable socks.

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