The Most Effective Cream for Dry Skin

The skin is very important part of the body that protects our organs from infection and we need it to control the body temperature. The weather and bad ecology make our skin dry. Even if a person has oily skin, then sometimes he has dryness and irritation. This is very inconvenient, because people suffer from itching and allergic reactions. Any part of your body can suffer from dry skin, but more often it happens on the abdomen, arms or legs. If you have skin problems and you suffer from its dryness, then it is recommended for you to use a large amount of special cream. This cream contains unique natural ingredients that nourish and moisturize it, maintaining the necessary moisture level in it. Many women diligently take care about the skin of the face and hands, but the rest of the skin also needs care.

Help your dry skin

Causes of Dry Skin

Dry skin can appear due to many different factors. Now we will look at some of them:

Environment. There may be severe weather conditions in winter that lead to the drying the skin. This is because the skin loses the necessary moisture level and dries out faster than in warm weather conditions. Dry skin flakes off in winter; it itches and becomes white if you scratch it. Strong ultraviolet also leads to rapid drying of the skin.

Age. This is one of the most common factors of dry skin. The body grows older and produces less oiliness. Nutrition, genetics, bad environment are manifested through the health of the skin over time. We often wash, use different types of soap, hot shower – it all dries the skin without proper moisturizing.

Dry skin gives not only a discomfort, but also an ugly appearance. For many people, this is a real problem, because a beautiful appearance is part of their job. If you use a moisturizer, you can avoid many skin problems. There is a disease — dermatitis, when the skin looks dry and swollen, irritation appears on it. There are 4 conditions of this disease: allergic, atopic, contact and seborrheic. If you have one type of this disease, then you need to consult with dermatologist. But if the skin problems are not very serious, then you can improve its condition by changing your lifestyle, for example, change the diet, give up a hot shower and a bad soap. There are many different creams for dry skin, but here we want to talk about the most effective of them.

Effective Caring for the Skin

There are several ways to get rid of problems with dry skin.

Cleanser for Dry Skin

The skin becomes dry due to the destruction of the skin. This happens when we use detergent or soap of poor quality. It over time destroys the structure of the skin and causes its dryness and irritation. Many creams for dry skin have special nutrients that fill the damaged parts of the skin. Experts recommend using such creams after washing; these creams are very effective and strengthen the skin.

Moisturizing Dry Skin — The Best Foot Cream for Cracked

If you want to have a soft and delicate skin, then you need to take care of it very attentively. The older you become the less natural moisture produces your skin. Special cream for dry skin will help to restore the necessary level of moisture. Roughen skin occurs due to the lack of lipids in the lower layers of the skin, so other layers get dehydrated.

Now there are many creams for dry skin and if you want to have a result then choose a cream for a special type of your skin. There are many effective creams and lotions for dry skin that perfectly perform their functions and you immediately see the result.

  • Garnier body cocoon intensive moisture lotion – is a special lotion for dry and flaky skin that levels the moisture level in the skin. The skin begins to rejuvenate and shine.
  • Usual Vaseline — this economical means perfectly performs the functions of a moisturizer, because it covers the skin with a layer of necessary moisture, thereby removing its dryness.
  • Oriflame nourishing body cream extra dry skin – a good remedy for dry skin. This popular brand is famous for its effective creams and you will see the shine of your skin after the first day of using this cream.
  • Dove pro-age rich body butter – this cream is the best cosmetic product available on the market. It perfectly hydrates the skin, nourishes it from the inside and condenses it; the skin becomes younger, fresh and stronger.


You need to understand the reason for its appearance to choose the right cream for dry skin. If it possible, try to avoid the factors that lead to dryness and flaking of your skin:

  • Try to spend less time on a hot shower.
  • Choose clothes from natural materials, not sensitive.
  • Try to spend more time outdoors, let your skin breathe.


  • Use a cream with natural ingredients that do not harm your skin. Such cream should not contain perfumes, dyes and unnatural additives.
  • Take a small amount of cream and rub it on the skin. Distribute the cream throughout the skin evenly.
  • To protect the skin of hands after and during washing, you need to use gloves.
  • Cream is not enough for your skin to get enough moisture. If you use a cream for dry skin then you should drink more clean water. Drink ordinary mineral water without gas or dyes, not sweet.


Dry skin is a problem, many people constantly try to solve it and use different means: folk and medical. The cream for dry skin is very effective and it helps to restore the necessary level of moisture in the skin. Experts can advise you the best and most effective cream, but you need to follow some tips to improve its effect. Most often, the wrong way of life and bad ecology affect the changes in the skin, so you need to change the diet, drink clean water and walk on the fresh air. If you exactly know your skin type, then you can better choose the right cream. Use a good cream for dry skin and you can wear your favorite clothes and feel free to look at the bad kind of some skin areas. You take care of the skin of the face and hands, but the skin of your whole body also needs special care. If you do not want to get different skin diseases, which are obtained from the dryness of the skin, then change your soap and apply the cream every day after the shower.

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