8 Simple Ways to Maintain the Health and Beauty of Your Feet and Hands

Hands and feet can be called the most important parts of the body, because you go every day, play, prepare food, work or play sports. Hands are exposed to stress due to bad water, poor-quality soap or other detergent. The legs carry our body and have pressure. We can not hide our hands and feet in mittens and shoes, we must take care of their health and beauty so as not to get serious diseases of the skin, muscles or joints. If our hands and feet are beautiful and healthy then we can perform simple daily actions without pain, itching and discomfort.

Nice hands and feet

Every day we put our arms and legs under physical strain, so it is very important to keep them healthy. Excessive works on the computer or other monotonous movements cause numbness and fatigue in your hands. A lot of walking, bad shoes, sports or standing work cause pain in the legs. The hand cream can not completely fix the condition and health of your hands. Low-quality shoes or dirty socks do not give the legs air and you feel fatigue and pain. Hands and feet should be beautiful, so you need to maintain their condition and health.

We can take care of our feet and hands at home, if we perform several simple ways for their beauty and health.

Advises to Keep the Hands and Feet Healthy

1. Check the health of the skin

You can perform these actions and you will see changes and a pleasant result. It is important to look at the condition of the skin every day, to look at the shape and health of the nails.

If the nails are black, purple or brown, then it may be a bruise there. Sometimes such color change can signalize to a skin cancer — melanoma. Yes, skin cancer can appear not only on the skin but also on the cuticles. Many people do not know that they have skin cancer and do not consult a doctor. They ask the doctor when there is an advanced stage of skin cancer and it leads to terrible consequences. If you have seen even the slightest changes on the skin or nails, then urgently consult with a dermatologist.

2. Cleanse Daily

It is very important to wash your hands, feet and clean your nails every day. Taking a bath is not enough for your hands and feet to be beautiful and healthy. For good care you need to use quality soap, and then do exfoliation of dead skin. After this procedure and washing, moisten the skin of the hands and feet using a special cream. There are many different creams for the care of hands and feet now, they contain natural ingredients, plant extracts and different essential oils.

3. Exfoliate

Exfoliation is stripping the dead skin cells using products that gently scrub your skin. If you want to use natural products, then you can use home remedies that are in your kitchen. Sea salt, honey, butter or ordinary food salt will help you look after the beauty and health of your hands and feet. These products excellently exfoliate the skin without damaging or tearing it. Apply any of these products to the skin and gently swing in a circular motion and rinse with warm water. You do not need to do this procedure for a long time, because you can remove the dead skin cells and damage the normal skin. Experts advise doing an exfoliating procedure once a week.

4. Moisturize

After the exfoliation you need to moisturize the skin of your hands and feet. You can use a moisturizing hand cream and a moisturizing and nourishing foot cream that is oilier. If you do not trust market products then use Vaseline. It is very useful to apply a cream and put on socks — you keep the moisture of the skin all day. If at night you are sleeping with an air conditioner then you need to moisturize the skin of the hands and feet, because the air conditioner dries out the skin.

5. Massage

Massage is an excellent procedure for the feet and hands to relax them after a hard day. You can visit the spa or massage yourself at home. Evening is the best time for a massage, so that by morning your feet and hands are being rested and full of energy. Begin a massage on your feet using essential oil or cream then massage your hands. Do not do rough movements, better circular motions, rubbing or slight tingling.

To start a massage you need to choose a cosmetic for a better slip. There is a large selection of different oily products — oils, cocoa butter, lotion or a regular foot cream. Apply a small amount of cream or oil on your hands and rub them, then start the foot massage with light rubbing movements. Pay attention to the area of ​​the foot and between the fingers. Start massage with rubbing your toes and then climb to the knee. Repeat this massage on the other leg and you will feel a noticeable relief and ease in the legs.

Massage of the hands should be started with the palms, massaging them in a circular motion. Use a cream or oil to moisturize the skin and fill it with useful extracts. Massage your fingers and wrists and then go to the elbow and upper. Massage the second hand. You will feel relief and ease after the massage; your hands will be fresh and rested. Massage of your hands helps you to get calm and healthy sleep.

6. Get a mani-pedi

The hygiene of the hands, feet and nails is very important for every person, especially for women who love to care for their body. A good nail care you can get in the spa or make at home by yourself. If you choose a nail polish, then you do not need to take very bright colors. If you want to replace the nail polish, then wait 1-2 weeks to give the nail plate to breath, to rest and be clean. You can remove the cuticles at home, but you need to do it carefully so as not to cut the skin. In the cosmetics market you can buy a colorless nail polish with vitamins and strengthening ingredients.

7. Wear sunscreen

Many people use sun cream only for the face, hands and body. But you need special protection for your feet. This is a special cream with strong protection against ultraviolet rays, to keep your skin from burns and blisters. If you want to get a beautiful tan, then try to stay in the shade and use a cream with strong level of protection.

8. Take supplements

Nails on the legs or hands can grow slowly and change color to yellow. This means that your nails need minerals and calcium. There are special medicines with these ingredients or you can eat more food with calcium. Ask your doctor may be the cause of poor and brittle nails is a fungus or an infection.

In A Nutshell

Your hands and feet are very important for your daily activities, so do not be lazy and you need to take care of them. Smooth and gentle skin of hands and feet shows its health and beauty. You need to take a calcium diet to get the skin and bones enough calcium.

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