8 rules so that your feet are smooth and gentle

Our legs carry our body and are exposed to pressure every day. You need to give them special attention, because dirt, moisture or excessive dryness can lead to serious foot problems. Corns, blisters, wounds or bruises — all this causes pain, discomfort and can serve as a place for infections or fungi. Every woman wants to have beautiful, gentle and healthy legs, but she must take care of them so that they look fresh and cool. If a person has problems with legs, then he feels uncomfortable in the company of friends or at home with family.

Few tips, how keep baby feet healthy

There are many reasons for fatigue and pain in the legs. You may not be aware of the problem and the reason of its appearance. Severe weather conditions also affect the condition of the skin of the feet. Incorrect nutrition, bad air, a lot of walking – this causes tired legs, inflammation, dryness and irritation. Everyone wants to have gentle and smooth legs, as a baby’s. The health of your feet is your own business; therefore your daily care makes them healthy and beautiful!

The skin of the legs is different from the skin of the hands and face, it is coarser and denser. Legs need special care using special means. The sebaceous glands in the legs are not as many as in other parts of the body, so the feet often dry up and crack. Scratches and cracks can bring to infections and fungi, which in turn lead to serious diseases. People with different diseases have special care for the health of their legs, so every person should know some tips.

Why you need to look after your feet every day

Softness and smoothness of the feet are very important for their health and beauty. Every day you need to wash your feet and moisturize them with a good cream with essential oils and herbal extracts. It will be extra care, but you need to perform other different procedures to keep the skin smooth even on the heels. The skin on the heels and soles is very strong and rough; it dries quickly and can crack. Tired legs need a warm bath with a couple of tablespoons of vinegar or sea salt.

What you need to do for the beauty of the feet

There are many ways to keep the beauty of the feet and the smoothness of their skin. You can do these procedures yourself at home and you can find the ingredients in the kitchen. The skin of the legs will become soft, smooth and the legs relax and calm down. Here are some ways:

1. Choose comfortable shoes

This is the beginning of your journey to healthy and beautiful legs, so we need to choose shoes correctly. Most often we choose shoes because of its beauty and practicality, but here you need to pay special attention to its quality. High heels spoil the legs and deform them; they cause pain, because the weight is distributed unevenly. Choose the right size of shoes, so that your feet feel comfortable. You must remember that your feet should breathe, otherwise they begin to sweat or excessively dry out. If you do not want corns or blisters, then choose comfortable footwear.

2. Use powder or deodorant for feet

You have chosen good quality shoes, but your feet can continue to sweat. It is very uncomfortable when you are in the company of friends or at home with your family. Stink from the feet is due to germs, blisters or calluses may appear. It is a real problem for many people. If you want to say goodbye to this problem, you should use a cream, powder or deodorant. Wash your feet with warm water and apply one of these remedies. This will help you reduce the rubbing and get rid of sweating and bad smell of the feet.

3. Wear socks

Coddling your feet with cotton socks is one of the ways that can give you dreamy feet. If you want to do a bit more tender loving care, put Vaseline on your feet and cover each with a plastic wrap before you wear your socks. Make sure that your feet are cleansed and dried before doing this. When you would repeat this before bedtime, you will notice that your feet are smoother in a matter of few weeks.

4. Trim your feet

You need to maintain the necessary length of the nails, trimming them regularly. They should not be long, because this will give discomfort while wearing your shoes. If you have ingrown nails, then take scissors and cut carefully so as not to scratch the skin and not bring the infection there.

5. Get a pedicure

You can pamper your feet and do a pedicure at the spa. If it’s expensive for you then make a bath for feet using essential oils, sea salt or infusions of herbs. If you like nail polishes, then you need to remove it and give your nails to breath and rest for 1-2 weeks. If you love pedicure procedures then visit a beautician once a couple of months.

6. Exfoliate

Exfoliation is the most useful procedure for your feet to make them gentle and smooth. This procedure helps to remove dead skin cells, growing skin. It is very useful to do this in summer, when the sun hits the skin of your feet through open sandals or slippers. You can buy a special scrub to exfoliate the skin of your feet or make this mixture at home using conventional and easily accessible products. Brown sugar, oatmeal, honey and butter — these components well clean the dead skin and make the skin smooth and tender. You can also use a penny to brush rough leather on the heels and soles. If you are afraid to do something wrong and hurt your feet, then use the services of the spa.

7. Moisturize

When your feet dry up then the skin starts to coarsen and crack. Moisten your feet, heels and soles after washing your feet. You can use a moisturizer or Vaseline. This will help to keep moisture on the skin throughout the day, protecting your feet from drying out.

8. Massage

Everyone enjoys the massage, especially after a hard day’s work or a working week. Your feet also like massage, please them and massage yourself or go to the masseur. This will increase blood circulation, relax the muscles and give legs lightness. Start the massage with your toes and go higher to the knees, your legs will be grateful.

Gentle and smooth legs are possible, so you need to take care of your legs every day and you will see the result. This is very useful for your feet and for your health!


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