7 main problems with the feet of elderly people

elderlyPeople of advanced age are especially prone to diseases, namely diseases with feet. Their body is no longer so strong and healthy; their immune system is weak and goes down. Elderly people suffer from pain in their legs, from dryness and irritation of the feet. Unpleasant sensations can be caused by a number of different diseases, so the elderly people should also take care of their feet with special attention. Problems with the feet can lead to various diseases of the legs. These people should visit a doctor, show their legs and talk about the system of nutrition and movement. Family members should help such people and care about their feet, monitor their health and cleanliness. As a rule, older people are careless about the condition of their feet, because fatigue and poor health do not allow them to do it. Below we will talk about some problems with the feet. These problems and their solution will help older people to feel better.

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1.    Bunions.

The first most popular reason for the problems with the legs in the elderly is corn, which turns into a bunion. Incorrect shoes lead to the appearance of a corn on the side of the thumb. Incorrect and uncomfortable shoes press on this place and it becomes rough and grows over time. How you could solve such problem? Older people have larger and more prominent form of this corn, so wearing tight narrow shoes is forbidden for them. If callus is formed from arthritis or is hereditary, then it is necessary to consult with doctor for proper treatment.

2.    Hammertoes.

This disease occurs due to deformation, when one or more fingers change its form. All fingers are straight and some twist; such anomaly is noticeable immediately. This can happen with any toe, but most often it happens with the second and third finger. Ask and see if your grandparents wear comfortable and free shoes. It is needed to wear a comfortable insole to align twisted fingers, you can replace them yourself. It is also necessary to wash feet with warm clean water and use pumice stone. If an elderly person has these problems, then they need to perform special exercises for the stimulation of twisted fingers.

3.    Calluses or corns.

Corns are common problem not only in the elderly, but also in middle-aged people. Corns are formed from the dead layer of the skin, which becomes yellow and coarsens, forming a cone. Another reason for the appearance of calluses is the wet skin of the legs, which rubs against dense shoes. If an elderly person changes shoes to a more comfortable one, then the early form of the callus disappears. If he wears uncomfortable shoes for a long time, then the calluses harden and it could become a serious problem. A common corn can be removed with a special foot cream, a protective patch or soft insole.

4.    Ingrown nails on toes.

If you have this problem, then you feel pain and discomfort when walking. The angular part of the nail becomes soft and this leads to painful feelings. In this case, redness, swelling and even infection appear on the foot. Most often, this disease occurs on the big toe. You can get the procedure of cleaning from a pedicure-specialist. If your elderly person has such problem, but you can not afford to go to a doctor, then you can do this yourself. It is not difficult and does not need special knowledge and skills. First, you need to soak the problem finger – use warm water and wait 15 minutes. You can take a small piece of cotton cloth and put it on the nail. Do such simple procedure 2-3 times a week and the nail plate will begin to harden. When the nail plate becomes stronger and the nail begins to grow, you need to cut it very carefully, because it should grow smoothly and correctly. Do not use nail scissors and other sharp objects to avoid injure or infection. The nail in this place is very sensitive and the fungus or dirt can penetrate there. When the procedure was over well and the nail begins to grow in normal form, then ask your grandparents to wear comfortable loose shoes. If shoes are tight, then ingrown nail will begin to squeeze and the problem will appear again.

     5. Diabetic foot led to ulcers.

Any kind of infection is harmful for the elderly people, because they have bad immune system and weak health. You have to monitor your grandparent’s health to help them to avoid getting infected. The infection enters through the wound or a small scratch and microbes penetrate into the skin. Inside the infection leads to an ulcer or diabetic foot, so it is more difficult to solve such problem. You can clean the wound at home using a disinfectant; it will help to prevent germs from entering. If there is an ulcer, then show your elderly person to the doctor.

     6. Problems because of deformation.

Many elderly people have gout or arthritis. This leads to deformation of the foot, to pain and discomfort. In such cases, most doctors advise taking medication, but this is not enough. People with deformities of the foot need to perform special exercises and monitor the overall condition of the legs. Help your grandparents wash their feet, keep them dry and clean, cut their nails and perform exercises to stimulate blood circulation. You can buy for them special socks, which will help to increase the flow of blood in the feet.

    7. Pain in heels.

Older people have pain in the knees and heels, because they do not get much movement and these areas swell. The first advice is to apply ice; it removes the swelling and dulls the pain. Take the ice pack and attach it to the place for a short time (not to freeze this area). The specialist can advise you to perform special exercises and take painkillers.

In modern society, we can not find enough time to take our grandparents to the doctor. It is worth remembering that they have lived a long life and deserve a calm and comfortable old age. Problems with legs – this is a common phenomenon in older people. If you know how to help them, then you can make their life better. Do not be indifferent and help your elderly people to get rid of the pain. Such people need special care, so surround them with this care, love and attention.





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