6 ways to get rid of itchy feet in winter

Many people like winter and they like to spend time with active sports. But their legs need special care, because every day they have a heavy load, tight shoes, sweat or dry out. In the winter, the skin of the legs is prone to dryness, itching and flaking. Dry and flaky legs may occur because of strong sun, wind, bad soap or improper care. But our feet require reliable protection against harmful effects in the winter, so we will consider a few simple tips.

Feet Care at home with stone

The skin on the legs is different from the skin on the hands or face. The moisture from the skin goes away faster, because there are very few sebaceous glands on the soles of the feet. Dry and scaly legs cause discomfort, but this inconvenience can lead to cracks and infection. Cold weather harms the skin of the legs, so you need closely to monitor their health. These tips will be especially useful for people with diabetes and those who have an athlete’s foot. These people should pay more attention to the feet, because they are prone to the development of more dangerous diseases.

Symptoms of Dry Feet

Symptoms of dry feet can be determined at home by your own. There are several fundamental reasons that will be signals for immediate action to cure dryness and flaking of the skin of the feet:

  • Redness
  • Rashes
  • Itchiness
  • Rough skin
  • Flaky skin
  • Cracks
  • Fissures
  • Peeling skin

These symptoms could become worse in winter, because there is influence of dense shoes and cold weather.

Complications of Dry Feet

If you think that dryness in the legs does not cause serious problems, then you are mistaken. This problem can cause a lot of inconveniences and then go into a serious illness. You need to moisten the dry feet and pay special attention to the skin of the heels and soles.
Symptoms of dry feet should not be ignored, this problem must be solved immediately so as not to get a serious threat later.

  • Dry feet begin to peel and crack, but there are other problems:
  • Discomfort when walking
  • The beginning of the development of skin diseases (dermatitis or psoriasis)
  • Constant itching, irritation and burning
  • If conventional medications or folk methods do not help, then you will have to spend a lot of money to get a full course of treatment.

Treatment of Dry Feet

You need to identify the cause of the appearance of dry feet and you can solve the problem as a whole. But many people suffer with dry feet only because of the cold weather. We will consider a few tips to keep your feet beautiful, smooth and soft.


To the skin of your feet does not dry up you need to moisturize it every day. Apply a moisturizing oily cream before going to bed and enjoy gentle and smooth feet in the morning. Use other moisturizing products that will restore the level of moisturizing and create a protection against drying out. Vaseline, glycerin and essential oils will help moisturize the skin and prevent itching, burning and flaking.

Take warm showers and baths only

A hot bath or shower perfectly relaxes and soothes you, but your feet suffer from this. You should take a bath or a shower with warm water to benefit the dry skin of the legs. Take a few drops of any essential oil to get rid of itching and burning. Warm water will help the skin of the legs to normalize the water balance.

Use gentle products for your feet

Now you can buy many different creams and lotions for the care of dry and rough skin of the legs. These creams contain essential oils, herbal extracts and natural ingredients that moisturize the skin of the feet and help it to retain moisture. You do not need to use baby creams, because they are not able to cope with adult dry skin.

Maintain a healthy diet

Diet can help to normalize the water condition of the skin of the legs, so you should eat food rich in good fats (omega-3). This product will help to create a moisture barrier on the skin and it will remain moist for a long time.

Hydrate yourself

You need to moisturize the entire body if you have problems with dry and flaky skin on your legs. You need to drink 6-8 glasses of pure non-carbonated water every day.

Hydrate your house

The room can be very dry in water and it affects the dryness of your skin. You need to keep moisture in the room especially in the winter. Humidifier or indoor plants help to retain moisture in the room.

Home Remedies for Dry Feet

Many products in your kitchen will help you to moisten your feet, so you can do this procedure at home. Specialists recommend consulting with a doctor, because you may have sensitive skin.

  1. Use lemon juice to remove dead particles. Acidic spices in lemon juice easily cleanse the skin, for this you need to support your feet for several minutes. Use a soft sponge or toothbrush to apply lemon juice. Before this procedure, look at the skin; make sure there are no injuries or scratches.
  2. Mix a few drops of lavender oil and olive oil. This mixture will be an excellent moisturizing element for your dry feet. You can make a certain amount of this solution and use it regularly. Do not forget to shake the contents before using.
  3. Vegetable oil is also an excellent moisturizer for the skin of the feet. Apply it on clean dry feet, put on socks and go sleep.

Prevention of Dry Feet

Moisturizing your feet is very useful, but you need to follow some more tips. This will help you do preventive maintenance and avoid the problem of dry and flaky legs in the future:

  • Scratches and calluses need to be treated, for this you need to use ice. Put the ice pack on the affected area of ​​the skin and hold for a few minutes to freeze the skin and tendons.
  •  Do not wash your feet very often.
  • Do not use a towel after washing
  • Choose the right shoes of the right size so that the shoes do not rub and the corns do not appear.
  • Caffeine and alcohol worsen the skin, these bad habits can cause itching and irritation on the legs.

If you will take care of your feet right, you can avoid dryness and burning. Follow simple tips and you will be able to moisturize your feet in the winter. Remember that the legs are very important for the person and they also want good care. You will look after your feet and you will see a noticeable result!

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